Friday, November 23, 2007

Travel Insurance for Canadians and Visitors to Canada

Whether you are traveling abroad for pleasure or business you need travel insurance that responds to your special needs. A health or medical emergency may require an evacuation, a sudden illness might require immediate attention by a qualified doctor, or your luggage with personal items may be lost.

In order to protect your trip and travel with peace of mind, Sun Travel strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Refer to packages and plans below for which one best suits your needs.

Deluxe Travel Insurance Package: This insurance provides Emergency Medical, Cancellation & Interruption (or Interruption only if you have selected the 'no cancellation' option coverage), Flight Accident, Travel Accident, and Baggage & Personal Effects.

Visitor to Canada Plan: As a visitor from another country, you're not covered by Canada's National Health Care program. Travel Insurance is a simple and affordable way of being covered for these unforeseen costs. On our site we make it easy to get a free quote and purchase the Visitors to Canada Insurance that can make your trip more pleasant and convenient. Get a free quote and book online now!

Classic Medical Insurance Plan: This insurance provides unlimited coverage of the eligible emergency medical expenses that you incur while away from your home province/territory, and that exceed the benefits provided by government health insurance and private coverage. People 75 years of age or older require a medical questionnaire for any TravelCare (medical) coverages (TravelCare HealthSelect, TravelCare Gold, TravelCare Silver Plus, TravelCare Silver & TravelCare Bronze Coverages).

Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Plan: Designed to protect your travel investment, this insurance protects you from the costs that arise when sickness, injury or another unexpected situation disrupts your travel plans.


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